About us

Concept of outsourcing started during 2nd world war between 1939 to 1945. Since then customers are turning smart to source their lower management staff through efficient and professional partners. Outsourcing lower management staffing needs may add strength to customers in focusing towards their core business. They are plenty of new TERMS and WORDS took birth in last decade. Enthusiastic, workaholic and professionals who really visualized the future of outsourcing have brought the terms called FACILITIES MANAGEMENT. As per major portals ,experts and manpower industry , it is understood that , customer premises has been treated as FACILITY and the SERVICES catered by manpower agencies has been called as FACILITIES . And professional agencies do MANAGE to ensure smooth functionality of FACILITIES to the FACILITY. That’s how facility management have become the largest employment as well as business segment in current scenario.

However, perceptions of various people have diluted the real amaze feel of our business. All manpower agencies irrespective of operating various manpower categories like security , housekeeping , manpower contracts , casual staffing, customer service staff , ware house operations ( logistics) , hotel and hospital have formed into various associations and trying to enhance the image of manpower industry. But unfortunately, there is lack of unity among we all manpower agencies. It’s true that every manpower category have its own need and importance, but few people are creating a wall between us and leading associations with specified tag names. We all fall under minimum wages structure and all compliances are same in percentage to adhere, then why we are separated under various tag lines as security associations, housekeepers associations, and manpower contractors associations. We respect the efforts of associations who are really trying to achieve common goals, but unfortunately again it is for their category itself. As outsourcing / facilities management agencies we are providing more than 10 crore’s of employment in the country. If we project category wise when we represent, it may look small. FMAI would like to request all members of manpower business and association to please feel us as your trusted partner to provide a national platform to achieve common goals.They are glorious changes found in last decade in facilities industry , and we all must hold the rope unless we win the game.

FMAI (Facilities Management Association of India) established under the enthusiastic leadership of Mr. Apsar Hussain as a founder and co founders ans Mr. Subani, Mr. Amardeep and Mr. Amarnath Choudary. And there is no doubt about their leadership who made strategic and stable changes in manpower industry. FMAI is a common platform for all manpower agencies and associations to fight against common issues. FMAI never restrict category based associations, perhaps interested to work with them to achieve AIMS. Injustice in govt. tenders , implementation of wages act , long pending payments , GST constraints , EPF portal issues , ESIC facilities , special identification for certain categories , Special monitoring cell from labor department and many more issues are continuously killing the opportunities and huge investments by the entrepreneurs in our industry.

We as manpower industry owners have to join hands irrespective of various regional/territorial associations to fight against hurdles in our fraternity. And we have to conduct various workshops / seminars along with customers, govt. officials and agencies to bring them all on one platform and to share the difficulties of each other which may help our industry to grow.

FMAI also focus on trade/category wise specialized issues which will be the immediate second point / aim of our gathering under one banner. Having internal meetings will never bring changes, we have to join hands and fight for our existence. Technology have taken away certain opportunities form us, at the same time other opportunities has been created. Rather than restricting at one category of manpower supply, we FMAI would like to educate and support each other in expanding business into various categories. Let us respect each other’s feel and join hands.